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Publisher Agrorus, LLC is a company existing on the market for over 20 years. Publishing is one of the publishing leaders in the field of agriculture in the Russian Federation providing the leading Russian agricultural enterprises with information. Basic editions: Plant Protection newspaper, Handbook of pesticides and agrochemicals permitted for usage in the Russian Federation, Agro XXI magazine and Internet portal, as well as the Handbook of pesticides on iPhone, iPad

Russian tractor server WWW.TRACTOR.RU is one of oldest RuNet resources dedicated to special machinery; it was established in early 1999. If you would like to find out something about tractor, highway engineering etc., you can find it on this resource. If your field of activity is the tractor construction, supply of agricultural equipment, trade of special machinery and spare parts, we will become your good friends and will bring benefit to each other, satisfying at the same time our customers.

Special machinery portal is an online resource, entirely dedicated to the machinery. If you would like to find out something about special machinery and industrial equipment, you can find it on this resource. At present there are a lot of online portals dedicated to special machinery. But has been a leader of visiting long before. Every day more than 3,000 people visit the website, searching or offering special machinery, and placing more than 500 announcements and requests for production there. These are your potential customers.

Website with particular specialization for obtaining of information about excavators. We aim to provide visitors of our portal with the most detailed information about up-to-date excavators and their manufacturers. We follow very closely the industry news and attend all exhibitions showing excavator machinery.

GRUZIT.RU is a website about hoisting cranes and front loaders. We offer Russian construction and municipal organizations to obtain complete information about cranes and front loaders, as well as post their own machinery purchase and sales offers. We aim to provide visitors of our portal with the most detailed information about up-to-date cranes and front loaders. We follow very closely the industry news and attend all exhibitions showing loading machinery.

Портал KOPAT.RU portal will be your guide in the world of earth-moving machinery. Before you decide in favor of a certain model of machine, you will need a large amount of reference information and specifications; section Eearthmoving plants catalogue will help you with it. When you choose the model of earthmoving machine you are interested in, you can explore the catalogue of suppliers and select a company that meets all your requirements. To ensure that our visitors get the most detailed information in time, we have created a news section. Also we have prepared a profile exhibitions calendar.

PODNIMAT.RU is a website about forklifts and loaders. We provide dealers and manufacturers of forklifts and warehouse equipment with a unique opportunity to post information about your company and products in the directory of suppliers. Visitors of our website have the opportunity to learn the schedule of industry shows, news and a catalog of specialized media.

One can get familiarized with up-to-date models of agricultural machinery in our catalogue of agricultural machinery. However, after the choice of the model, a crucial question arises before the customer: How shall I choose a right provider? The answer to this question can be found in the catalogue of suppliers. If your company is a dealer or supplier of agricultural machinery and equipment, you can register in the catalogue of suppliers and attract attention of consumers, interested in the machinery you are supplying. If you need more information about agricultural machinery, you can visit sections: exhibition, news and magazines.

Information on the website Machine Building in Ukraine, CIS and the world is updated daily. There are more than 10,000 messages already. This website provides just a small part of the information published in the daily news and a magazine Machine Building in Ukraine. We are always happy to help you!

Agricultural portal South of Russia is a specialized agricultural portal supporting AgroSnabForum and Effective Livestock Farming magazines. More than 1,000 members of agricultural market, representing not only the southern regions of Russia, but also the countries of CIS and other foreign markets, visit our portal every day. More than 400 pages are being viewed.

Special machinery portal www.TransServer.Ru. This Internet recourse provides you with the required information: catalogue with sites, plants, announcements of sales and purchase of motor transport, spare parts, special machinery, offer of transport-related services. And also track the competitor offers concerning the same theme. The opportunity to familiarize yourself with the industry news and exhibition timetable is provided at the portal. We will be glad to see you as our visitor.

Industrial portal Here you can find different information for all industrial fields in Russia and foreign countries. The following is provided at our Portal: industrial companies, industrial goods and services, news, announcements. Any goods and services related to industry, production, construction, equipment can be and purchased and sold at the Portal as well as different machinery and materials.

News agency Mordovia Bulletin publishes news of Mordovia Republic of different themes: society, culture, sport, criminal, religion and other. Analytical articles of political, military and historic nature are also placed on this site. Currently, news agency Mordovia Bulletin is one of the most visited information resources in the Republic of Mordovia. The professionals with many years’ experience in mass media as well as young creative authors work on preparation of materials.

The only rent information system in Russia is B2B-RENT.RU B2B-RENT System makes it possible to combine rent service suppliers and consumers in one information space and provides the participants of the System with a number of services, which improve the efficiency of their business.

Site AUTO AND NOT ONLY.RU is dedicated to all kinds of wheeled and track machines. There is the information about trucks and buses, municipal machinery, highway machinery, tractors and agricultural machinery, off-road vehicles and dual-use technology. Reviews of industrial exhibitions with big photo galleries, reports on test drives and presentations, press release of site partner companies. Articles about the technology of previous years will be interesting for history buffs.

Printed Mass Media

All-Russian research and information publication Yugspetstehnika is the area for:

  • treatment of new development and achievements of special-purpose machinery and construction market;
  • independent expertise and discussions of topical issues, connected with the machinery and its usage;
  • analysis and comparison of different machinery examples in order to make it easier for our readers to choose and for many other things!

Oil &Gas Journal, first published in 1902, has been the most widespread and the most readable journal of the international oil and gas industry for more than one hundred years. Oil &Gas Journal presents international news, analytical, technological, scientific articles, market reviews, statistics, and now it comes out in English, Spanish and Russian. Since 1910, the journal has been published by American Corporation PennWell, specialized in b2b publications in different fields, and particularly in oil and gas industry.

Tsenovik. Agricultural Review is a magazine for the specialists of agro-industrial complex. The goods for AIC:

  • fodder and fodder additives
  • veterinary medicine
  • veterinary hygiene and sanitation products
  • machinery and equipment
  • plant products
Analytical, research and practice articles, reviews of fodder and veterinary preparations market. The news of agriculture and AIC of Russia. Thematic exhibitions and events.

Federal journal Intelligent Manufacturing is devoted to real sector of economy, particularly to its high-technology sector, manufacturing automation, modernization, innovative projects, scientific research results, innovative technologies. This publication is “radially” distributed on the tables of the Heads of industrial enterprises.

Tractors and Agricultural Machinery is a leading magazine in tractor and agricultural machinery industry, which over a number of years of existing has proved its worth as impartial, reliable and information-rich publication. It was found in 1930 as the publication of Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Industry of the USSR. Now, although the Ministry was liquidated, it keeps to the subject of industry-based machine building publication, as it did before.

Annual publication Who Is Who on Special Machinery Market. In 2010 there was a media catalogue “Who is Who on Special Machinery Market” developed. This is ever-growing publication, containing the unique information about more than 800 kinds of special machinery, manufacturers and organizations, which provide different kinds of services on special machinery market. Each model is represented by the picture, technical characteristics, detailed description and has the reference to manufacturer.

Forest Region is the industry-based newspaper of the North-West of Russia. It has been published since 1990 (editor-in-chief – Sergey Kondratiev).

Private Security Guard is a magazine about security industry. We cover the latest trends in private and state security market and touch on the social and political themes.

Ural Truck magazine is intended for companies, which sell, operate and repair heavy and special machinery. There are the following regular columns of Ural Truck magazine: News, Cover Story, Test Drive, Market Innovations, Exchange of Experience, Visually, Exhibitions. It has been published since 1999. Basic circulation – 8000 copies. Commercial offers – 4000 copies. A4 series.

Industry-specific All-Russian Technology magazine that covers all the trends in oil and gas bearing complex, fuel and energy complex. It has been published since 2005. Magazine The Sphere. Oil and Gas is a partner for leading exhibition companies in Russia and CIS. It is the permanent participant in the biggest reputable events. Distribution: industrial exhibitions in Russia and CIS, industry-specific distribution, electronic version.

TV Channels

“AGRO-TV” is an All-Russian information and educational TV channel, created under the auspices of Ministry of Agriculture. Our primary objective consists in creation and further development of the national and public 24-hour agricultural channel. Specific orientation mainly on the issues, connected with the agro-industrial complex, will create an atmosphere of qualifying business-like dialogue with the audience, even if it has no relevance to AIC, but is able of take an interest in opportunities and perspectives to work there.

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